COVID-19 Relief

We know that this is a challenging time as you work to protect the health and safety of yourself and those you love. You may not know how you will be affected by the spread of COVID-19 so MUD 131 has provided some measures to assist you. The Board of Directors for Fort Bend MUD #131 voted in March 2020 to offer support to customers facing financial hardships during the Covid-19 Pandemic by:

  • Pausing payment-related disconnects for All Residential customers.
  • Providing payment extensions and waiving all penalties and late fees for April and May.
  • Assisting customers with deferred payment plans.

This “Grace Period” will end soon and Delinquent Activity which includes penalties, late fees, letter notifications and account terminations will resume along with your regular payment schedule. If you are unable to pay your utility bill, please contact Si Environmental Customer Service at (832) 490-1600 or by email at immediately, or prior to any service interruptions to inquire about your eligibility for alternative arrangements or extensions for payment of your account.

Please also note the attached flyer regarding assistance available through the County.

Message from the Board President – Jennifer K. Jacobs

Second Quarter 2020

Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Masks, Practice Social Distancing, and Stay Home If You Can

Greetings residents of Municipal Utilities District (MUD #131)!

WOW! We are only four months into this new decade (the roaring 20’s), and already a lot has happened this year. We are now in the midst of a pandemic virus – the coronavirus, and because of the pandemic there have been a lot of changes to what we know as the norm. Regardless, the board continues to be hard at work for you!

February 29:  We were extremely fortunate to be able to celebrate together before the lockdown.  Texas Parks & Wildlife gave us a notice to proceed with park renovations for the Southern Colony Park Recreation Center.   Our groundbreaking ceremony was held the last Saturday of February. Our very own Fort Bend County Judge KP George was our guest speaker. We were especially honored to have presentations delivered by Gandolf Burrus of our grant writing team, and Jacob Clark of LJA, lead project landscape architect, park project grant manager. Katerina Dittemore – the other half of our grant writing team, and Matthew Fougerat of Texas Parks & Wildlife were also present. The community really come out to support the project including our residents,  MUD #131 consultants, HOA Association, local government officials and candidates.   I am so very thankful that our community was able to come together in February, not knowing what the future held for the globe.

  • STATUS of the Park! Following a widely advertised and marketed bid letting in March, a bid opening was conducted via teleconference. Three (3) Bids were submitted and reviewed by MUD board members on Thursday, April 16. All bids were above our set aside park budget of $1.0M.  At the April 16 meeting, the board decided to postpone an award to evaluate options to ensure the contract will meet our project budget. Additional discussions about bid awards will be taken up at our May 26 MUD Board meeting. Stay tuned for new developments!
  • Because of the uncertainty and lingering effects of this pandemic, we are not certain when our park’s project may be complete. However, once a bid is accepted, and a contract is signed, we should be able to move forward with, hopefully, very little interruptions – aside from normal slowdowns that may be weather related, etc.  My motto is that “there is a pathway forward.”   We will keep you informed of our progress.
  • Please note that dollars raised for the Southern Colony Park Recreation Center Park project is for park improvements and renovations only, including an expansion of the park’s parking lot on Southern Colony Avenue. There is no funding for a clubhouse or swimming pool.
  • THANK YOU! A heartfelt thank you to resident Tim Dotson for his invaluable service to our MUD #131 board.   Please reach out to Tim and let him know how appreciated he is in this community.  No knocks on his door at this time, however.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Tim’s replacement, beginning on May 26, 2020 will be neighbor Michael (Mike) Higgins who will serve on the MUD Board as Director from May 2020 to May 2024. He brings valuable experience to the team! We are excited to have Mike join us. Welcome Mike!
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Current MUD Director JoAnn Randall has been elected to serve on the board until May 2024. She is an Assistant Secretary,  and will temporarily serve in the capacity of Board Treasurer.
  • 2020 CENSUS! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  GET INVOLVED! PARTICIPATE!  This is the one time THIS DECADE to be counted.  Why participate?  It brings federal dollars to your community.   You may recall that you received a reminder to participate in the 2020 Census on your March water bill. The federal government uses residents’ answers to these ten census questions to make important decisions about housing, education, the economy, health care, and more.
    • Fort Bend County is at risk of losing out on an estimated $2.3 billion in federal funding if we don’t increase our response rates. As one of the most diverse and fastest growing populations in the nation — we simply cannot afford a Census undercount. We must ensure we have all available federal resources possible to serve our County population.” Quote: Honorable Fort Bend County Judge KP George
    • In March you should have received an invitation to complete the 2020 census for your household. April 1 was officially census day, however, due to the pandemic, you can still complete your census online by July 1. If you have not done so, please visit to begin. You can also complete your census by phone by calling 844-330-2020, or a number associated with your preferred language. (See for additional phone numbers.  Residents who do not respond online or by phone will also receive a paper questionnaire by early May.
  • DISCONNECTIONS! It’s important for residents to have access to clean water to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Effective April 1 through May 30, 2020 water disconnection services will temporarily cease.
    • At the upcoming May 26 board meeting, the board will review the status of disconnections in the district and determine at that time how we will move forward with disconnections. Residents are encouraged to contact Si Enviro if you need to arrange special payment plans.
  • WATER QUALITY! We will continue to monitor the quality of the water that comes into our homes locally. Please note that, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies. Based on current evidence, the risk to water supplies is low. Americans can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.  EPA also encourages the public to help keep household plumbing and our nation’s water infrastructure operating properly by only flushing toilet paper. DO NOT FLUSH USED DISINFECTING WIPES.   Instead please dispose of wipes and other items in the trash, not the toilet.Source: “Coronavirus and Drinking Water and Wastewater,” EPA website:
  • WARNING! It is prohibited to drive motorized vehicles around the detention pond in Southern Colony. In addition to being illegal, driving on the levee poses risk of injury to vehicle operators.  (Section 49.217 Texas Water Code). Violators are subject to penalties and fines up to $5,000. Thanks to the Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District (SPLID), signs are being placed around the detention pond to remind any would be offenders.

Please check your calendar and plan to attend the next MUD 131 meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 26 at 12:30pm Because of COVID-19, we will be hosting a virtual meeting, and the public is invited. Details will follow on our upcoming agenda.



Water Tip for Residents (submitted by MUD Consultant, Attorney Laura Davis of SK Law)

If your toilet tank equipment is leaking, or causing increased water usage, try adding simple food coloring to the tank water. If that food coloring appears in the toilet bowl (without flushing) that means the seal on the equipment in the tank is leaking – meaning water is always running (like a dripping faucet).  Replacing the seal in your tank could SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN YOUR WATER BILL.

Resources for our community during COVID

  1. 2nd Mile Food Bank: 281/261-9199 Location 1135 Highway 90A, Missouri City   
    Monday           10AM–4PM
    Tuesday          10AM–7PM
    Wednesday    10AM–4PM
    Thursday         10AM–7PM
    Friday              10AM–4PM
    Saturday         10AM–3PM
  1. Mental Health Resource Line: 832-363-7094
    Mon through Fri 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  2. Ft Bend County Call Center 281-633-7795
    Mon through Fri -9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  3. Ft Bend County Social Services: 281/ 403-8050 Financial Assistance with rent, mortgage, utility, RX Mon through Fri -8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  4. Meals on Wheels 281-633-7049
  5. COVID-19 Testing in Fort Bend County:
  6. Southern Colony Facebook: