Southern Colony Park is Closed for Renovations

Attention Residents:

The Southern Colony Park is closed for renovations – and currently off limits. This includes the basketball court!

Only the construction team is allowed in the park until further notice. No TRESPASSING! Violators will be prosecuted.”

– FBC MUD #131


Fire hydrants and water mains are routinely flushed in the district. The purpose of flushing is to reduce discolored water and to improve the district’s overall water quality. Once flushing is complete, discolored water may persist for a short period of time – due to mineral sediment that’s flushed out of the system. The sediment comes from naturally occurring minerals, and in rare instances, could cause staining of clothing and some porous surfaces. When announced flushing is complete, please check the water before washing clothes.

If you have a water softener or inline filtration system in your home, you may need to valve off and bypass that unit during flushings. If you have any specific questions, please contact your manufacturer or installer for additional instructions. PLEASE BE AWARE that a failure to valve off or bypass these systems may result in the need to replace these filters earlier than normal.

After flushings, ALL residents are advised to flush their own homes as well (with softener or filtration valved off or bypassed). Use only the bathtub faucets to flush. Run bathtub faucets for 5 — 7 minutes. Also clean any faucet screen or debris that may have passed during the flushing process.

For additional concerns, contact the Operator’s Emergency Repair Office at (832) 490-1601.

Customer Service – 832-490-1600

Water Discoloration

Any customers experiencing Water Quality Concerns related to Discoloration (brown or yellowish colored) should contact our Emergency Repair Office at (832) 490-1601.

Give them your address and let them know that you are experiencing “Discolored Water” in your lines and they will dispatch a Field Technician to your home to flush the water lines on your street.

Our technician can also meet with you upon your request. We have experienced some yellowish water in the system over the past two weeks while repairs have been going on at the water well, but the water is completely safe and testing of the water happens daily at the facility and on the distribution system. Disruption in the water distribution system does cause us to flush the lines though periodically when this type of discoloring happens.