Water Tip for Residents

All of a sudden, are you having problems with water in your bathroom toilet or sink smelling like rotten eggs, or a sewer? If a drain, sink, or toilet in a bathroom is not used for long periods of time, or if there is a leak in what’s called a P-trap, the P-trap may go dry and allow sewer gas to rise up into the home. The P-trap is the section underneath your sink that is shaped like a “U.” If it’s not a leak, you can refill a P trap by pouring water in the shower drain, or running water down the sink and bathtub drain for about 10 minutes. Note: If the odor doesn’t go away soon, there may be something else causing the smell, and you may want to call a licensed plumber.

Try to establish a routine twice-monthly maintenance schedule for yourself to prevent the smell from returning.

NFBWA Rate Increase

Proposed rate hike for NFBWA in MUD #131: The NFBWA Board is holding a hearing on December 19, 2019, at 6:00 PM at the Willow Fork Country Club, 21055 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, TX 77450 to consider and vote on an increase to its groundwater pumpage fee. Public comments are welcomed.

NFBWA Rate Increase (PDF)