New Hours at Basketball Court Beginning with Daylight Savings Time

Currently residents are asked to clear the basketball court at 6:00 p.m.

Beginning March 15, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., until daylight savings time changes again on November 7, 2021, all residents should be cleared off the court no later than 8:00 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE that ONLY the basketball court is open for now. There is still construction going on at the main park, and the pocket park on Obsidian Court.

For safety reasons and to avoid any damages while work is still being done, the rest of the main park remains off limits until the park grand opening. Please be mindful that there should be NO TRESPASSING in this area, and certainly no ATVs. ATVs are never allowed in the park.

For now, the park is scheduled to reopen during the latter part of May — weather permitting.

More details regarding our fabulous grand opening to follow. Please be on the lookout for that information…..! Thank you for all that you do, and for your cooperation in helping us to bring great park amenities to our community and to our district.

On November 7, the time at the court will change back to 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (or until further notice).

Winter Storm Resources

To Fort Bend County MUD #131 residents: Make sure you have signed up on this website to receive district and county alerts.

Our Water

Our water system is fully operational. We were never under a boil water alert notice after the storm. If this changes we will post a notice on the website and send out a text message. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Si Enviro Emergency number at (832) 490-1601.

Your Water Bill

Avoid high auto-draft payments; disable auto-draft on your water bill. The Board of Directors for Fort Bend County MUD 131 and the District’s Operator, Si Enviro would like to remind residents of upcoming March water bills that considering the potential high water usage due to the recent winter storm and the potential resulting high water bills, residents are encouraged to temporarily disable any auto-pay features associated with your Si Environmental accounts. These measures are being suggested in order to manage potential higher than usual water bills. For more information, please contact the District Operator, Si Environmental, at (832) 490-1601 about your water bill.

Winter Storm Resources

Following are some links you may find helpful for dealing with the aftermath of the recent winter storm in Texas:

Additional Resources

  • For help with recovery, or anything from food to child care, you can dial 211 any time, day or night.
  • Text HOUSTONFREEZE to 898211 to receive text updates about resources to help you recover from the winter storm. Regular text messaging rates apply.
    Mande texto HOUSTONAYUDA a 898211 para recibir actualizaciones por mensaje de texto sobre recursos que le ayudarán a recuperarse de la tormenta invernal. Se aplican tarifas regulares de mensajes de texto.
  • For minor repairs, register with Crisis Cleanup by calling 844-965-1386. All services are free, but service is not guaranteed due to the overwhelming need. This hotline will remain open through March 5, 2021.
  • What Texans should know when filing claims for burst pipes.

Electricity and Gas

A Special Message from Centerpoint Energy!

Thank you for your continued resiliency through the recent unprecedented winter weather event.

Throughout this difficult time, not only was CenterPoint Energy and its crews poised and ready to return electricity to customers as soon as it was made available from ERCOT, we also managed the need for natural gas supply in real time. Our natural gas systems performed well as we delivered a historic supply to meet demand.

As a result of the record-breaking, sustained cold temperatures, you likely used more natural gas for home heating, which could mean a higher bill next month.

We understand the impact this may have, and we’re here to help. Please know, the Company is reviewing all available options and working closely with regulators on a state-by-state basis, as well as natural gas suppliers and pipelines, to lessen the bill impact to customers.

As always, customers who need payment assistance can visit or log into to request a payment extension or arrangement.

Reminder About Electric Charges

Although we deliver electricity to Houston-area homes and businesses, the pricing and billing of electricity is handled by your Retail Electric Provider (REP). Please contact your REP for electric billing and payment information.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, scammers will try to take advantage of emergency events. Scammers will sometimes call you or knock on your door requesting immediate payment to prevent a shutoff. CenterPoint Energy will never demand a hasty payment over the phone or in person to prevent power from being disconnected.

For electric, please contact your REP for your current account status.

For natural gas, you can always view My Account Online for the current status of your bill.

Watch this short video to learn more about recognizing utility scams:

As cleanup and repair efforts continue, we want to share some important reminders to help keep everyone safe.

Electric Safety Tips
  • When completing indoor repairs to plumbing, be aware of the proximity to electrical circuits within the home and de-energize any circuits that may be contacted prior to beginning repair work.
  • Flooding caused by broken water pipes can damage electrical systems and carry electricity. If flooding is an issue, visit flood safety tips.
  • Downed lines after a storm can cause fatal injuries to those who get too close. Stay away!
Natural Gas Safety Tips
  • Don’t place debris near your natural gas meter during the clean-up process. The equipment used to collect it can cause damage to the meter and a hazardous situation. Learn more about meter safety.
  • If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately on foot and tell others to do the same. When safely away, report the leak by calling 911 and the CenterPoint Energy emergency hotline at 888-876-5786. Learn more about what to do if you smell gas.
  • When doing outdoor cleanup or repairs that require digging, remember to always Call Before You Dig by dialing 811.
Get more safety tips on our winter storm updates page.
Additional Resources
  • The Houston Winter Storm Relief Fund was launched to help our region’s most vulnerable neighbors with repair costs during this critical time of need.
  • This list of resources might help you following a severe weather event in the Houston Metro area.
  • If you or your loved ones are in need of assistance, we encourage you to call 211 for help with available local resources.
  • Offered and managed by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), the Texas Coronavirus Relief Bill Rental Assistance Program can help renters and landlords with up to 3 months of rent costs, utilities, and home energy expenses dating as far back as March 13, 2020. Apply online or call 833-9TX-RENT (833-989-7368).

We’re all in this together. Stay safe.

Gracias por tu continua resiliencia durante el reciente evento climático de tormenta invernal sin precedentes.

Durante este tiempo difícil CenterPoint Energy y nuestro personal no solo estuvimos preparados y listos para restablecer la electricidad a nuestros clientes tan pronto como ERCOT lo permitió, sino que también supervisamos la necesidad del suministro de gas natural en tiempo real. Nuestros sistemas de gas natural tuvieron un buen desempeño mientras cubrimos una demanda de suministro histórica.

Debido a las temperaturas heladas sostenidas nunca antes registradas, lo más probable es que hayas usado más gas natural para calentar tu hogar, lo que podría resultar en una factura más alta el próximo mes.

Entendemos el impacto que esto puede ocasionar y estamos aquí para ayudarte. Queremos que sepas que la Compañía está revisando todas las opciones disponibles y está trabajando muy de cerca con los organismos reguladores estado por estado, así como con los proveedores de gas natural y oleoductos, para disminuir el impacto en la factura para nuestros clientes.

Como siempre, los clientes que necesiten ayuda con los pagos pueden visitar o ingresar a para solicitar una extensión o acuerdo de pago.

Recordatorio Sobre los Cargos por Electricidad

Aunque nosotros distribuimos la electricidad a los hogares y negocios del área de Houston, los precios y la facturación de la electricidad los maneja tu Proveedor de Servicio de Electricidad (REP). Ponte en contacto con tu REP para información sobre facturación y pago de la electricidad.

Ten Cuidado con las Estafas

Desafortunadamente, los estafadores intentarán aprovecharse de eventos de emergencia como este. Algunas veces los estafadores te llamarán o tocarán a tu puerta pidiendo el pago inmediato para evitar el corte del suministro. CenterPoint Energy nunca exigirá un pago apresurado por teléfono ni en persona para evitar la desconexión del servicio.

Para el servicio de electricidad comunícate con tu REP para obtener el estado actual de tu cuenta.

Para el servicio de gas natural siempre puedes consultar My Account Online para conocer el estado actual de tu factura.

Ve este corto video para saber más sobre cómo reconocer estafas en los servicios públicos:

A medida que continúen los trabajos de limpieza y reparación, queremos hacer unos recordatorios importantes para la seguridad de todos.

Consejos de Seguridad Eléctrica
Consejos de Seguridad para el Gas Natural
  • No pongas escombros cerca del medidor de gas natural durante el proceso de limpieza. El equipo que se emplea para recolectarlo puede dañar el medidor y crear una situación de peligro. Conoce más sobre seguridad para medidores.
  • Si sospechas de una fuga de gas natural, aléjate inmediatamente del área caminando y diles a las demás personas que hagan lo mismo. Una vez que estés a una distancia segura, reporta la fuga por teléfono al 911 y a la línea de ayuda de emergencia de CenterPoint Energy al 888-876-5786. Conoce más sobre qué hacer si detectas un olor a gas.
  • Cuando hagas limpieza o reparaciones exteriores que requieran excavar, recuerda siempre Llama antes de excavar, marcando al 811.
Obtén más consejos de seguridad en nuestra página de noticias sobre la tormenta invernal.
Recursos Adicionales
  • El Fondo de ayuda por la tormenta invernal en Houston fue puesto en marcha para ayudar a los vecinos más vulnerables de nuestra región con los costos por las reparaciones durante este tiempo de necesidad tan crítico.
  • Esta lista de recursos puede ayudarte a dar seguimiento a un evento climático severo en el área metropolitana de Houston.
  • Si tú o tus seres queridos necesitan asistencia, te pedimos llamar al 211 para recibir ayuda con los recursos locales disponibles.
  • Ofrecido y administrado por el Departamento de Vivienda y Asuntos Comunitarios de Texas (TDHCA por sus siglas en inglés), el Programa de Asistencia para el Pago de Rentas para Habitantes de Texas puede ayudar a inquilinos y a propietarios con hasta 3 meses de costos de renta, servicios públicos y gastos por energía con fecha desde el 13 de marzo de 2020. Aplica en línea o llama al 833-9TX-RENT (833-989-7368).

Estamos todos juntos en esto. Mantente seguro.

Edgebrook Security Services

Neighbors, because of recent unauthorized activities at our park on Southern Colony Avenue, and at Obsidian Court, MUD #131 has contracted security services with Edgebrook Security Services.

Edgebrook security guards can be identified by their white shirts with the Edgebrook Security patch on the front of their shirts or jackets. They will be traveling in cars with a flashing yellow strobe light on top.

They are prepared to address local issues at both parks. Should the need arise, they will be in contact with the local Fort Bend County Sheriff’s department to provide information regarding ANY serious crime committed at the parks.

Meanwhile, let’s all do all that we can to keep our parks safe, free of theft and vandalism, and safe for each other. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and STAY SAFE!