District Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

Fort Bend MUD #131 Board will operate with transparency, integrity, and responsibly. We will maintain our water, wastewater, and recreational facilities in a manner that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and provides adequate and reliable capacity for District needs. We will operate the District in a manner that protects the public health, ensures the financial stability of the District, and benefits the community.

Vision Statement

The Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District (MUD) Board #131 is a political subdivision created to ensure a family friendly, safe, sustainable community by providing the highest quality of water, wastewater, and other services to customers within our boundaries.

Core Values

Our values include…

  • Providing high quality water, sewer, drainage, trash, recycling and other services to its residents at a competitive cost.
  • Requiring excellent performance and timely responsiveness from the consultants and contractors we engage.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Displaying transparency and community outreach by making Fort Bend County MUD 131 documents and meeting information available through the website, encouraging residents’ attendance at District’s board meetings, and sending out texts in the event of emergencies.
  • Promoting water conservation through communication, education and a water rate structure that encourages residents to minimize water usage.
  • Implementing a tax rate setting process that ensures adherence with the requirements associated with servicing internal debt, complying with contractual obligations, and providing sufficient revenue for District operations, while at the same time striving to be competitive, cost effective and responsive to our residents.
  • Continually seeking opportunities to educate ourselves locally and nationally.