Message from the Board President – Jennifer K. Jacobs

Happy New Year!!   Happy New Decade!  Happy Roaring 20’s!

Your MUD #131 Board of Directors continue to work very hard for you. We are excited about what this new year will bring to residents of MUD 131.

Following is a summary of the happenings in the district during the first Quarter of 2020.

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for the start of construction for our new state of the art park in Southern Colony.
  • Plans are being made for the MUD Southern Colony Recreation Center Park Groundbreaking ceremony – tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 29, 2020 at the Southern Colony Park on Southern Colony Avenue. If the date changes, you will be notified of the new date on this website, on the SC Facebook page, and on Next Door. Please continue to monitor these sites for the exact time, or for any required date and time changes. PROGRESS!
  • Notice of North Fort Bend Regional Water Authority (NFBRWA) fee increase beginning in January:
  • In December 2019, NFBRWA gave notice to FB 131 residents that the Regional Water Authority (RWA) fee it charges to FB 131 will increase by 0.35 cents.  A typical home uses approximately 8,000 to 10,000 gallons of water each month, translating to a $3.00 to $4.00 increase to your monthly water bill – depending on residents’ metered usage. Many residents of the district voiced their concerns about the increase via several letters that were emailed to the NFBRWA. However, the increase was approved by the NFBRWA Board, and went into effect January 1, 2020.
    • Please be advised that the FB MUD 131 Board of Directors is actively investigating alternative options for FB 131 to participate with a different entity other than the NFBRWA, which could result in lower RWA fees that are ultimately paid by residents.  We will update residents with our findings whenever they are available.
  • We will be encouraging MWDBE’s (Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) participation in park construction bids, etc. as we begin to send out bids for construction of the park. PROGESS AND OPPORTUNITY!
  • In November 2019, Southern Colony resident Gregg Yarborough was unanimously approved by the Commissioner’s court to serve on the Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District (SPLID) Board. Gregg was elected as Assistant Vice President on the SPLID, and his term of office will expire in 2023. Please share your congratulations to Gregg. This board generally meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month to discuss levee & drainage matters, and on the 4th Wednesday of the month to discuss park & recreation construction and operation matters. We continue to be grateful for the efforts of our residents in partnering with SPLID to secure $675,000 in SPLID funds for the Southern Colony’s park project. In furthering this partnership, It has long been a goal of our residents, TO HAVE OUR VOICES heard at SPLID on matters important to our community.  CONGRATULATIONS TO GREGG!
  • We are making plans to purchase and install a camera system near the entrance of Southern Colony (SC), and the SC park on Southern Colony Ave. PROGRESS!
  • Plans to expand the parking lot for the park recreation facility are underway. Generous contributions from Forestar Developer in the amount of $100,000 will go toward the funding of our parking lot. THANK YOU FORESTAR!  PROGRESS!
  • On January 8, 2020, MUD #131 Board President, Jennifer Jacobs was nominated by Fort Bend County Judge George’s Office to serve as a Board Member on the Fort Bend Green nonprofit organization. Her tenure will run from January 2020 to December 2022. The purpose of Fort Bend Green is to “facilitate the planning and development of green space in Fort Bend County, utilizing the entire spectrum of federal, state, and local government.” ON THE MOVE

Please check your calendar and plan to attend the next MUD 131 meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 28 at 12:30pm at the SK Law firm located at 1980 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 1380, Houston, TX 77056. For your convenience, for the residents who are unable to attend, we will post a dial in phone number on the MUD website, along with the meeting agenda.

I want to share congratulations with members of our community who, in ways big and small, continue to join together.  Your continued efforts make our community a valued, friendly and well maintained location for all who live here and for our visitors and new families moving to Southern Colony.  I will be listening to your ideas and promoting new ways for you to share your talents.  BUT FOR NOW, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING TO MAKE SOUTHERN COLONY NOT JUST A RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT, BUT HOME.

MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!  We always welcome your comments, concerns, and suggestions!! Hope to see you in the District and at the next meeting!

Best wishes for a Safe, Healthy, and Blessed New Year!


Water Tip for Residents

All of a sudden, are you having problems with water in your bathroom toilet or sink smelling like rotten eggs, or a sewer? If a drain, sink, or toilet in a bathroom is not used for long periods of time, or if there is a leak in what’s called a P-trap, the P-trap may go dry and allow sewer gas to rise up into the home. The P-trap is the section underneath your sink that is shaped like a “U.” If it’s not a leak, you can refill a P trap by pouring water in the shower drain, or running water down the sink and bathtub drain for about 10 minutes. Note: If the odor doesn’t go away soon, there may be something else causing the smell, and you may want to call a licensed plumber.

Try to establish a routine twice-monthly maintenance schedule for yourself to prevent the smell from returning.