Increase of Trash Pickup Rate on Water Bill


Please be advised of the current increase related to Garbage Pickup in your area. These charges are included in the Sewer Service line item on your invoice above. Base Fee for Sewer Service has increased from $45.16 to $47.25.

Sewer Rate – $27.50 + Garbage Rate – $19.75 = Total Sewer Service Fee $47.25

Texas Pride Disposal – 2021 Holiday Schedule

Happy holidays to our Texas Pride Disposal family!  We wish everyone a happy holiday season.  Please see our holiday schedule and tips below.

Holiday Schedule

Christmas Services
  • Saturday, December 25th: No collection, TRASH OR RECYCLE
  • Garbage Collection resumes Wednesday, December 29th.
New Year’s Services
  • Saturday, January 1st: No collection.
  • Regular Services resume:
    • Garbage Collection on Wednesday, January 5th.
    • Recycle pick up resumes on Saturday, January 8th.

Holiday Tips

With excess volume being produced this time of year, we encourage residents to minimize their waste in the following ways:

  • Heavy Trash: Please minimize heavy trash when possible.
  • Cardboard: Please flatten boxes to expedite collection and minimize space.
  • Yard Waste: Please mulch grass and leaves when possible.  Leaves are one of the best natural fertilizers and mulches you can place in your garden.
  • Recyclables: Recycle as much as possible, including all of your paper, gift wrap, cardboard, gift boxes, wax board containers, glass bottles and jars, metal cans and containers, and rigid plastics.  Place excess recycle in containers clearly labeled recycle, paper bag, or boxes.  Clearly separate your trash from recycle to avoid confusion between crews.

Trash and Recycling Update

FB MUD 131 is aware of the recent issues residents have been experiencing with delayed or missed trash and recycling pick up. We are working closely with our vendor, Texas Pride Disposal, to address the situation. Texas Pride, as with many industries, is experiencing substantial labor shortages. In addition, there are increased volumes of domestic trash and vegetation waste collection.

Texas Pride is working diligently to hire and train drivers to timely service its customers. The higher volume of waste collection translates into increased number of hours for pick up, which may take more than one day or may be later than usual on the day of scheduled pick up.

Texas Pride has a service notification system that provides alerts for potential delays or carryovers. If you wish to receive the alerts, you can enroll at

Please be aware that all parties are working to improve the service, but keep in mind this may take time under these conditions. We appreciate your patience.

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