Park Update

After the MUD board met with the contractor on Friday, July 9, it was determined that the park is 90% substantially complete. Unless otherwise noted, we are still moving toward our grand park opening date of Saturday, August 14, 2021. As a result, the use of the park is still very limited providing there is no trash thrown around on the ground by anyone visiting the park, and 2) that visitors to the park leave the park by 8:00pm in the evening. Park hours are still 6:00am to 8:00pm, and are subject to change. The proper authorities will be notified if anyone violates these rules. Please note that basketballs, or other personal equipment or items should not be left at the park once you have left the premises.

The areas currently available for use include:

  1. children’s playground;
  2. walking trails around the park;
  3. basketball court;
  4. pocket park (corner of Obsidian Court @ Sunset Colony)
  5. volleyball court;
  6. fitness equipment

The areas/items currently NOT available for use include these items below. At some point during the next 30 days, these areas will be available.

  1. miniature splash pad;
  2. staging area near the detention pond;
  3. restrooms;
  4. multipurpose soccer/lacrosse field (additional leveling and striping needs to be done;
  5. miniature dog park

Parking is still along Southern Colony Avenue. No parking on Volute Drive near the basketball court due to congestion that causes problems for the residents in that area.

Note that security will still be on the grounds and you will be under camera surveillance. You will be entering the park at your own risk and the areas listed as Not available are off limits as they are still under construction and repairs. Regular updates on the status of the park will be provided over the next 30 days up until the grand opening on August 14. Please continue to work with us to keep our site clean and safe for all residents.

PLEASE USE THE TRASH RECEPTACLES. This is OUR park, and we should behave responsibly and treat it as such. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. This has been a challenging time due to the COVID restraints and weather.

C/O Board Directors

Trash and Recycling Update

FB MUD 131 is aware of the recent issues residents have been experiencing with delayed or missed trash and recycling pick up. We are working closely with our vendor, Texas Pride Disposal, to address the situation. Texas Pride, as with many industries, is experiencing substantial labor shortages. In addition, there are increased volumes of domestic trash and vegetation waste collection.

Texas Pride is working diligently to hire and train drivers to timely service its customers. The higher volume of waste collection translates into increased number of hours for pick up, which may take more than one day or may be later than usual on the day of scheduled pick up.

Texas Pride has a service notification system that provides alerts for potential delays or carryovers. If you wish to receive the alerts, you can enroll at

Please be aware that all parties are working to improve the service, but keep in mind this may take time under these conditions. We appreciate your patience.

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