Fire hydrants and water mains are routinely flushed in the district. The purpose of flushing is to reduce discolored water and to improve the district’s overall water quality. Once flushing is complete, discolored water may persist for a short period of time – due to mineral sediment that’s flushed out of the system. The sediment comes from naturally occurring minerals, and in rare instances, could cause staining of clothing and some porous surfaces. When announced flushing is complete, please check the water before washing clothes.

If you have a water softener or inline filtration system in your home, you may need to valve off and bypass that unit during flushings. If you have any specific questions, please contact your manufacturer or installer for additional instructions. PLEASE BE AWARE that a failure to valve off or bypass these systems may result in the need to replace these filters earlier than normal.

After flushings, ALL residents are advised to flush their own homes as well (with softener or filtration valved off or bypassed). Use only the bathtub faucets to flush. Run bathtub faucets for 5 — 7 minutes. Also clean any faucet screen or debris that may have passed during the flushing process.

For additional concerns, contact the Operator’s Emergency Repair Office at (832) 490-1601.

Customer Service – 832-490-1600

Water Discoloration

Any customers experiencing Water Quality Concerns related to Discoloration (brown or yellowish colored) should contact our Emergency Repair Office at (832) 490-1601.

Give them your address and let them know that you are experiencing “Discolored Water” in your lines and they will dispatch a Field Technician to your home to flush the water lines on your street.

Our technician can also meet with you upon your request. We have experienced some yellowish water in the system over the past two weeks while repairs have been going on at the water well, but the water is completely safe and testing of the water happens daily at the facility and on the distribution system. Disruption in the water distribution system does cause us to flush the lines though periodically when this type of discoloring happens.

Message from the Board President Jennifer K. Jacobs – Third Quarter 2020




The financial health and wellbeing of our MUD district continues to remain strong.  Following are updates for FBC MUD #131 and the park project:

  • MUD #131 Park
    • In our May 26, 2020, Board meeting, a formal bid by Johnson Fence and Masonry, the lowest bidder for the park project was accepted by the Board of Directors, and a contract was signed for renovations and improvements to Southern Colony Park on Southern Colony Avenue. We will also bring improvements to the pocket park on Obsidian Court. Improvements to the Southern Colony Park on Southern Colony Avenue are below.

  • PARK RENOVATIONS…Additional Information
    • Very soon there will be plenty of activity at the park, and during this construction and renovation period, the park will be closed and off limits to residents. We are asking residents to respect construction workers and avoid using the Southern Colony Park on Southern Colony Avenue for any activities – until further notice. Beginning the week of   September 28, the park area will be closed off to pedestrian traffic. Security cameras will be part of the installation, and plans are also being made for deputy sheriff officers to patrol the area.
    • In addition to his role as a director, Director Michael Higgins will serve as an Investment Officer for the Board. Already Director Higgins has hit the deck running. At our Tuesday, September 22 MUD meeting, Director Higgins introduced to the Board, along with our bookkeeper Steve Haskins of Protocol Bookkeeping, an investment pool that will be a competitive poll in which the District may invest its funds, all in compliance with the Public Funds Investment Act.
    • Director Leslie Smith Boards coordinated and worked with of Today’s Integration to help secure a contract for the installation of security monitoring at the Southern Colony Park.
    • Director JoAnn Randall has worked with the MUD 131’s engineer, Michael Rusk of LJA Engineering, for the design of additional parking at the Southern Colony Park. Once the plans are approved by all agencies, MUD 131 will move forward with a contractor to construct the new parking.
  • GET INVOLVED! PARTICIPATE! You may recall that you received a reminder to participate in the 2020 Census on your March water bill. The federal government uses residents’ answers to these ten census questions to make important decisions about housing, education, the economy, health care, and more.
    • Although Fort Bend County ranks high in completions across the state of Texas, “Fort Bend County is at risk of losing out on an estimated $2.3 billion in federal funding if we don’t increase our response rates. As one of the most diverse and fastest growing populations in the nation — we simply cannot afford a Census undercount. We must ensure we have all available federal resources possible to serve our County population.” Honorable Fort Bend County Judge KP George
    • In March you should have received an invitation to complete the 2020 census for your household. April 1 was officially census day, however, due to the pandemic, you can still complete your census online by September 30, 2020.  If you have not done so, please visit my2020census.gov to begin. You can also request a census application by texting “icount2000” to 313131. Residents who do not respond online or by phone may also receive a visit from a census worker.
    • At the June 23 board meeting, the Board determined that we will move forward with disconnection of delinquent water/sewer accounts beginning in July. Residents are encouraged to contact Si Enviro if you need to arrange special payment plans.
  • WARNING! Residents are banned from driving motorized vehicles around the detention pond in Southern Colony. In addition to being illegal, driving on the pond poses risk of injury to vehicle operators.  (Section 49.217 Texas Water Code). Violators are subject to penalties and fines up to $5,000. Thanks to the Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District (SPLID), signs are placed around the detention pond to remind any would-be offenders.

Please check your calendar and plan to attend the next MUD 131 meeting scheduled for November 24 at 12:00 pm. Because of COVID-19, we will be hosting a virtual meeting, and the public is invited. Details will follow on our upcoming agenda.


Water Tip for Residents
(submitted by MUD Consultant, Attorney Laura Davis of SK Law)

If your toilet tank equipment is leaking, or causing increased water usage, try adding simple food coloring to the tank water. If that food coloring appears in the toilet bowl (without flushing) that means the seal on the equipment in the tank is leaking – meaning water is always running (like a dripping faucet).  Replacing the seal in your tank could save you hundreds of dollars in your water bill.