Wildlife Surrounds Us in Southern Colony / FBMUD 131

Southern Colony’s abundance of trees and waterways is what draws many residents to our community. This natural beauty is also the perfect environment for many of Texas’ native animals. When the weather warms, residents may notice what appears to be an increase in wildlife sightings. Just as we head outdoors to enjoy the weather, so does the surrounding wildlife.

April and May are mating season for alligators, and residents are likely to notice more movement across land by our reptillian neighbhors. Alligators, snakes, birds, ducks, and a number of other animals were here long before houses and businesses were built, and these animals continue to live in our comunity.

While it may be a bit of a surprise or unsettling to see an alligator or a snake, all are naturally feaful of man and will turn away if not antagonized. The best plan of action is one of avoidance; residents should be mindful of where they are walking, keep pets on a leash, and avoid tall grasses and the edge of lakes (where alligators and snakes may sunbathe). When letting pets out into yards in the early morning and evening hours, it may be a good idea to remain outdoors with them.

We do not remove or schedule removal of an animal. Residents are encouraged to contact Fort Bend Animal Control at 281/342-1512 or the Texas Parks and Wildlife southwest Houston office at 281/842-8100. Residents should be aware that both entities encourage learning to co-exist with our animal neighbors.