Fresno Fire Department Announces Organizational Restructuring

Cooperative effort with Fort Bend Emergency Services District #7

Contact: Simon VanDyk
Phone: (281) 832-6143

Fresno, Texas, March 1st, 2020: Fresno Fire Department (Fresno Fire) has had the honor and pleasure of serving their community for over 64 years. These services have been provided as the subcontractor to Fort Bend County Emergency Services District #7 (FBCESD 7), serving over 30,000 residents within the district encompassing a 45 sq. mile area of eastern Fort Bend County.

Fresno Fire has evolved from a once purely-volunteer system to a fully-combination system with both paid and volunteer personnel. In a cooperative effort between Fresno Fire and FBCESD 7, both organizations have mutually agreed on a new service delivery model under the name Fort Bend County Emergency Services District #7 – Fresno Fire and Rescue to better reflect the true combination nature of the organization.

Starting at 00:00 on March 1, 2020, FBCESD 7 will become the service provider for fire protection services with very little outward impact to the community. Previous Fresno Fire personnel will be absorbed into FBCESD 7 and will conduct business as Fresno Fire to maintain the branding and familiar department name as the new branding and operational department title becomes more well-known. Both entities anticipate a seamless transition with no interruption in service delivery, nor change in staff, stations, or apparatus in the service area. All current contracts and mutual aid agreements will be honored until such time as they can be changed into the FBCESD 7 name. The result of the restructuring will be a more efficient delivery of services and public support to the community.

“This means that the administration, budgetary and day-to-day paperwork will be handled by the Commissioners. This will free Chief Bates up to run the Operations/Fire Suppression unencumbered by these duties and allow for the fire department to offer even better emergency services to the public.,” said FBCESD 7 Commissioner Ruston Hughes in a video outlining the restructuring.

The reorganization is fully supported by the management of both Fresno Fire and FBCESD 7; 100% of both paid and volunteer staff have accepted positions with the new entity. Fresno Fire and FBCESD 7 provide excellence in service to the district and are excited about the opportunity to continue working to improve service delivery as a single organization.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Fresno Fire PIO Simon VanDyk at (281) 832-6143, or email at See the full announcement and short video at: